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September 2008

We have 4 cows in calf or calf at foot for sale as well as one heifer.




 Please contact me for enquiries on stock for sale. You will find us competivily priced. A diverse gene pool has bloodlines exclusivly available only from Mac~Ladanae.



We have exclusive Australian rights to semen of Lauriston Angelo and offer it for sale to the Australian Highland Cattle breeders. Minimum order of 5 straws per sale $88 per straw. (Maximum number of straws available on the Australian market total 200 of which less than 80 straws are left of this quality bull for a sale). No further imports will occur once sold out.

Semen also available from Gusgurlach of Mac~Ladanae the only South Australian Bred Bull to win an interbreed class. There are no restrictions on the number of straws for sale $22 per straw.

Freight and handling fees apply to all semen sales.


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