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Sires used at Mac~Ladanae

Lochinvar of Mac~Ladanae (ET)

Gusgurlach of Mac~Ladanae (AI)

Lic. Semen for sale


Duncan of Carralong


Lauriston of Mac~Ladanae (AI)

Brigadoon of Mac~Ladanae (ET)

Haydon of Mac~Ladanae ET


Prince Charles of Mac~Ladanae

Tetunka of Mac~Ladanae AI


Flash Gordon of Mac~Ladanae

AI Sires used at Mac~Ladanae

Jock of Cullerne

(United Kingdom)

Gillie Coir of Pennygown

(United Kingdom)

Hallmark 2nd of Trellissick

(New Zealand)

Rhomanda's Umberto


Trafalgar Benedict


Lauriston Angelo (Canada)

Lic Semen for sale.

Imported by Mac~Ladanae


Black Bart of Bultarra


Windlough Prince Charles


Semen imported by Mac~Ladanae

Fingal of Auchnacraig


ET Sires utilized at Mac~Ladanae


GOF Beau Geste


Garnet of Hi-Arrow



Jock of Cullerne

(United Kingdom)

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