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History of Mac~Ladanae

 Mac~Ladanae Fold can be found in the hills of the Mount Lofty ranges on the edge of the Barossa Valley in South Australia. The area is surrounded by rolling hills, tall gums and Australian wildlife

The Mac~Ladanae Fold consists of 107 acres of land in an average 30" rainfall area. Having 3 dams a bore and plently of shade trees with an elevation at its highest point of 510m above sea level.

The farm is a family concern,

Trevor is a Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, and on days off the property, and attends tobreeding and genetic selection of the folds cattle. Robyn is an Enrolled Nurse at a local Nursing home, housewife and farmer.

The Perry Clan consists of 4 sons, Lance, Daniel, Nathan and Douglas. Nathan and his wife Jessica live in Western Australia, and have established a satalite Fold were they are actively promoting the highland breed. All four sons have grown up with and have shown Ma~cLadanae Cattle

Previously involved in the breeding of pedigree dogs under the Lakeria prefix, as well as having once been involved in the breeding of Saneen and British Alpine Dairy Goats under the Apperabee prefix.

Other animals on the farm include, a Highland Pony, as well as some commercial cattle and another heritage breed Belted Galloway.

In the early days of the Fold, a considerable amount of time was spent promoting the breed as no one had Registered highlands in South Australia. To today and promotion is still a key part of having Highlandsm although less time is spent showing than in the early days.




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