Highland Pony

 Early in 2002 I was looking through the pages on the net trying to think of a suitable present for my wife for her birthday. Robyn had several horses when we first met, and one was given away due to lack of room whilst the other two died of old age. We later had an Australian pony for our sons but she to was also quiet old when we got her and died 3 or 4 years later.

I first learnt of the highland breed of pony through a fellow Highland Cattle & Highland Pony breeder by the name Jim Currie in Western Australia, and later saw a mare and foal while I was in Scotland in May 2000.

I purchased a beautiful Highland Pony Filly from Mrs Anna Thirkell's Croft Cnoc Stud, Garfield in Victoria. Anna was extremely helpful, and on the 18th of May 2002Croft Cnoc Cynthia arrived via Mornington & Cranbourne Float Service & Justice Transport.

We were not aware of the rarity of the breed globally until after signing up to become a member of the Highland Pony Society of Australia. We see it our charge to try to bring to the attention to others about this Scottish breed and hopefully will become an active breeder in the future.

Photos added 28th of October 2002

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