1st July 2008 Links updated, addresses and email changed

30th October 2006

Sales pages

5th November 2005 American, Canadian and Uk links updated, movie link updated.

24 August 2005New Zealand, Canada and American links pages updated, and index page info added.

June 17 2005 Updated all pages with lighter background and different coloured font. Updated Canadian links page

23rd January 2005, a new background and general face lift for the site, new links added to American, Canada, New Zealand, UK and European folds links.

18th August 2004 After having to move my host and loosing a lot of info I have updated several pages as well as adding a link to the 2004 Virtual Show and a new page on Highland News which hopefully will be upadated on a weekly basis from around the World.

10th January 2004 All pages updated and/or modified.

27th December 2003 European, USA, UK, Cattle related, Highland Cattle related and links pages updated, New pages include Highland Music, Society merchandise from Australia and USA, and Virtual show pages

24th July 2003 American, UK and European links updated

22nd of June, the UK pages revamped, with Folds divided into English, Welsh and Scottish Folds. Canadian Links upadated.

18th June 2003. New links added to Canadian, American, European, UK and Cattle related sites.

13th February 2003. New links added to US, European, UK, and Societies web pages.

9th of December 2002. New links added to highland related, US and European web sites.

25th of October 2002. New links added to the US, Canadian and New Zealand, as well as Movies links pages.

1st of October updated American links.

22nd of September USA and New Zealand pages updated

9th of September Societie page and European links pages updated.

19 Aug. 2002 Added new links to Canada and updated links to Australian pages. General links page updated and ebay - highland cattle site also added.

All web pages reviewed on site, new pages for other pages of links, as well as a page of AI Sires available in Australia.

14th of June 2002, European and UK Folds updated.

28th of May 2002 UK, Euro and US pages updated as well as introducing Highland Ponies to my links page and a list of Highland Pony links.

26th of April 2002, European, UK links updated.

17th April 2002 Calf Photo page added and link to page placed on phots page.

8th of April 2002,UK Pages updated, added a new page for movies and TV shows.

6th of April 2002Updated Oxen link, American, Canadian, Finland, Italian, UK links, Cattle related links.

4th of April 2002 updated the Society web page.

2nd of April 2002 updated the Americam Folds links page and added 2 new links, updated the Europeand Folds page. and updated the Australian Folds page.

24th of February 2002 European links page updated.

20th February 2002, long over due. Links added to Australia, USA, Canada & Cattle related with two interesting new sites.

28th July 2001 New Zealand page updated and one fold added. 2 new links added to the Cattle related links, 1 new link for the European site,2 new links to US Folds.

14th July 2001 www.kyloes.net commenced on the net, moving from dove.net.au.

9th July 2001 Society page updated.

26th of June, Sales page updated and cattle for sale added.

9th June Canadian, European and US links updated .

1st June 2001: Braeburn Fold added to the New Zealand Links Page. Updates page commenced.

28th May 2001: Message Board added to links page.

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