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Showing Cattle

 Why show? Firstly showing isnt for every one, but if you have a majestic breed like the Highland it is a great way to promote your chosen breed and Fold. Personally I enjoy the banter and catching up with friends that you may only see once a year as well as making new ones.
We decided to start showing for the above reason many years ago and have attended countless number of shows throughout Australia and my son has shown the cattle in Western Australia.
As said showing isnt for everybody and we have taken our cattle to a Beer Garden to celebrate Robbie Burns Birthday, Medieval Fairs at Carrick Hill, Gumeracha, Paracombe and Mount Gambia as well as attending the Viking Festival at Victor Harbor. Highland Pipes and Drums competitions at Greenock and Mount Barker. Displays in my humble opinon are entertaining with out the pressure of displaying under a judge.
As for showing so of the venues and places we have shown over the years include:
Gawler, Kapunda, Angaston, Balaklava, Strathalbyn, Mount Pleasent, Mannum, Jamestown, as well as showing at the National Highland cattle society shows in Victoria, NSW and Western Australia.
One of the easiest shows to participate in especially if you are a good photographer in the annual Virtual Highland Cattle Show
Each show is different and our choosen breed is always an attraction to the public.
The Australian Highland Cattle Society Host a National Show across three states including South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales attracting cattle and exhibitors from across Australia

 So what do you need?

To start with your cattle must be registered with the Australian Highland Cattle Society except for Steers in Carcass competitions.
It is important to have your cattle halter trained and this usually starts in some cases befor but usually at weaning. The cattle once trained will remain so all there lives although some are more head strong than others as they get older.
Once you have made the decision to show or display cattle there are a number of essential items required to make showing easier. A suitable trailer with an adequate stock crate to transport your cattle, Some may have or invest in a truck in the end without this transportation can be an expensive hobby if you need to hire all the time.
Other items include combs or brushes. Everyone has a personal preference my choice are the Sullivan combs
Buckets for watering and feeding Hay and Hay Fork, Shampoo, watering hose and cattle blower to dry the cattle off after washing. Some use hair sprays and although traditionally the Highland breed is not normally clipped some breeders believe that it enhances the looks. We at Mac-Ladanae only trim the bulls pizels and the ends of their tails. Rarely dags will also need removing. Always bring a spare set of clothing plus show uniform and money to purchase food and drink unless taking your own. It always pays to make a list before you start packing so that things do not get left behind.

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