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 AI Sires that have produced calves include Jock of Cullerne (Scot), Rhomandas Umberto (Can), Gillie Coir of Pennygown (Scot), Trafalgar Benedict (USA), Lauriston Angelo (Can), Windlough Prince Charles (Can), Fingal of Auchnacraig (Scot)


Over the years we have produced many bulls that had been the base of other folds genetics. The bulls below are bulls we took extra time showing and enjoying the calves they produced.



Lochinvar was the first bull bred and shown under the Mac~Ladanae fold and was sired by Jock of Cullerne (Scotland). For new breeders, like ourselves at the time, he was the greatest ambassador for the breed in South Australia. His breeding was of the cattle imported in the 50's to Mount Barker, South Australia, and sometimes referred to as the ‘old cattle breeding’.
Having very young children at the time, we would frequently put our sons on the back of this beautiful placid bull. Later he was sat on at various shows and displays, by hundreds of children, as well as reporters, cattle judges and TV celebrities.



Gusgurlach, affectionately known as Gus, was from my first fully imported bloodline cow (MAIGHDEAN OF MACQUARIE) that we purchased from Berta Von Bibra in Tasmania. Definitely not the biggest cow but very true to type. Sired by the American bull, Trafalgar Benedict. Gus was the first Highland Bull to win Grand Champion Bull at any show in South Australia.




Lauriston, yet another son of (MAIGHDEAN OF MACQUARIE). Another quiet natured bull, sired through artificial insemination to Canadian bull, Lauriston Angelo.




Brigadoon and his sister Ebony were imported embryos from Canada. Brigadoon was collected for private use of his semen, producing 17 registered highlands at Mac~Ladanae. He was later sold as he was related to too many highlands on the farm. It is hoped that we will have future opportunities in the coming years to have some calves to this fantastic bloodline.








Haydon was another embryo that was imported a long with his sister RUDAH GARNET OF MAC-LADANAE (ET). Only briefly shown before selling him to Rahil Park Fold we won Grand Champion Female with his sister. Sadly his sister died a few days after calving and her son LORD TOLKIEN OF MAC-LADANAE was successfully twin fed by another cow and was later sold to Currie Park Fold in Western Australia.



Yet another AI bred bull from Canadian sire, Windlough Prince Charles. Sadly like many of our bulls, only lightly used due to our fold size, but pleased to say we have straws still sitting in the tank for future use.
His daughter SILVER DAWN OF MAC~LADANAE will be 15 years old in 2023, and still being shown to this day. She was Grand Champion Female at the 2020 Royal Perth Show in Western Australia.



 Flash Gordon of Mac-Ladanae (AI)

Flash Gordon of Mac~Ladanae bred through AI to Jock of Cullerne out of Ebony of Mac~Ladanae (ET) (IMP Canada). He was a special calf from the beginning and always running, hence the name Flash.
Flash completed a double header win, after being awarded Champion at the Australian Highland Cattle Society at Gawler in 2006 and then followed with Grand Champion Bull at the Royal Adelaide Show the same year.
Flash has an excellent temperament and foot structure, which he has passed down to his progeny. He lived a long life dying at 16 years at Currie Park, Western Australia, having served one more time the previous year.


 Jacobite of Mac-Ladanae

This beautiful bull was a pleasure to own. We originally sold him with a small number of cows to a Victorian breeder, as we were in the process of moving and needed to reduce numbers.
Sired by Haydon of Mac~Ladanae and dam Cassandra, both from fully imported bloodlines, he was eventually sold to a breeder in Queensland. He unfortunately died shortly after eating poisonous weeds.






 Oden of Mac-Ladanae

Oden has the gentlest temperament to add to his conformation and faultless feet. He has been a great breeder for Mac~Ladanae, producing a majority heifers to bulls. He also produced every registered colour of the breed and for those who do not know the colours as follows: red, yellow, brindle, black, dun, silver dun and white.
We decided to move Oden on, as his heifers were starting to mature, we sold him to Cruachan Highland Cattle in Maffra, Victoria, where he already has calves on the ground.






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